Ehem. So, as some of you may be aware, a big ass hurricane named Ike is currently barreling his way across the Gulf and has decided that Galveston Bay looks like a pretty nice place to come ashore. So posting over the next few days (except for tomorrow's previously written/scheduled spinning post) will be nil, given that 100 mph winds and consistent electrical service are pretty much "Matter, meet Antimatter - Kablooey!" Hopefully there will be much knitting, but the girls may not be so keen on Mama huddled in the corner knitting by the light of her headlamp while the roof flies off (Mom, I'm kidding!) (At least I'm kidding about the roof)

In fact, this morning on the way to daycare, I had the following conversation with Devil:

D: Mommy, is the storm going to come visit Daddy's office? (Ironman's place of employment closed down yesterday afternoon in anticipation of Big Ike, so he worked from home today)

P: Yes baby.

D: Mommy, is the storm going to blow our house down?

P: No sweetie it's not. But it is going to get really windy and rainy for a while.

D: (silence. Clearly she's not convinced about the house not blowing down.)

P: Besides, if it looks like it's going to be really bad, we'll leave.

D: (Considering the consequences of leaving, not realizing that we would not be bringing all of her books plus the Dora Princess adventure DVD) Um, OK.

And that was it. Here's to hoping she continues through the next 48 hours with as much equanimity. Keep your fingers crossed that Ike suddenly springs a leak or hits a patch of Artic air or something and that we all make it through in one piece.

(And if I could arrange to guarantee that my roof would survive in one piece too, that would be great).

See you on the other side.