Let this be a lesson to me

Not to pack up stuff for the following day after a couple glasses of wine.

Last night was the first meeting of the year for my neighborhood Mom's Club, which meant lots of women + no kids + wine and chocolate = whee! After said meeting I went home and packed up my work clothes for today since my optimistic plan was to run to the pool, get in my "long" swim, and head to work straight from there.

Well, I made it out of bed and stumbled my way to the pool, and managed not to drown. Got my clothes, showered, went to get dressed and realized that I had packed a white shirt. And a dark red bra.


If it was a black bra, at least I could maybe argue that I was making some kind of psuedo-Goth-Riot Grrrl statement (as ridiculous as that may be in TX). As it is...thankfully it's a fairly substantial white shirt, so unless someone is staring at my boobs (or it rains suddenly, and me without my umbrella), I should manage to make it through the day with my dignity more or less intact.