Fiber Friday: Stash enhancement

Before we moved last spring, I sold my old tri bike for $500. When we came back to the States for this vacation, I still had $200 left, and I had grand plans. On Monday, those grand plans came to fruition.

August haul

The first stop was Spunky Eclectic, which I now know is only 30 minutes maximum from where my parents now live. Hallelujah! I managed to fall down and divest myself of half of my cashola in not very much time. Some superwash merino came home to live with me,

Superwash merino

Superwash merino
Emerald Isle

Superwash merino top

and then I was swept away by some Shetland and a couple of braids of BFL.

Shetland top
Tundra Shetland

BFL Galaxy top
BFL Galaxy Jupiter

BFL top

BFL Autumn

The final keeper from the vast selection in Amy's shop was a braid of merino/bamboo/nylon. I think this is going to make some unbelievable socks for someone. Probably me!

Panda top
Blue Moon

The shop was lovely and chock full of gorgeous stuff. Including a circle of wheels and more spindles then I've ever seen in one place. And Grafton batts. And natural colored fibers. And, and, and...I can't even begin to list the stuff that was in there, but if I ever end up living near my parents, I know where I'll be spending large chunks of my time and (non)disposable income.

But we weren't done yet. We (me, my mother, and my non-napping children) headed to Bath and Halcyon Yarns. I was looking for some grey BFL to pair with this to make some stranded mittens. They didn't have any grey, but they did have some brown that looked like it would work.

Natural brown BFL

I also got some brown Coopworth and 4 oz of merino/cashmere for something really special.

Coopworth roving

Superfine merino/cashmere

Now the problem is figuring out how to get it all back to London. I think I may need an extra suitcase. But it should keep me busy for a while!