Home again, home again...

We arrived back in London at 7:00 am Saturday morning, and managed to keep ourselves more or less awake for much of the day. The girls did take three hour naps, as did IM, and Devil didn't then go to sleep til 11:00, but hey, who's keeping track? We're all sad to leave family behind, but glad to be back at home. We went out that night (in an attempt to keep everyone conscious) and came back with this:


7 lbs of wild blackberries. Most of these are in the freezer while I attempt to find canning jars, but some ended up in blackberry pancakes at 10:30 the next morning when we were finally all awake...

I also busted in to some of my new fiber stash after the girls were in bed (if not actually asleep). This braid of BFL

BFL Galaxy top

is well on it's way to being a poofy 2-ply for a hat or some mittens.

Spunky E BFL in progress

It's getting to be the time of year when the holiday season rears its ugly head. I've recently decided not to wait to give people handknits - hence gifting my MIL with her Mermaid socks immediately instead of holding out until Christmas. Isis also has a new home in mind, so now that I'm back I'll get some more yarn and finish that off (only 23 rows to go! And about 250 beads. And something more then 14,000 stitches. Yikes!). But that doesn't mean I don't have Christmas presents in mind too. So this will become a giftie for someone I think.

August was good on the sock front:


Thrive (and much of Aestlight too!)