I know this is getting boring...

But since all I've been doing is working on projects that I can't actually show you, I can only update the list as items are finished and checked off. Sorry!

Not surprisingly, things have changed again...

Person A - mittens from my birthday present from my MIL (and no, it's not her). There are not started, nor is yarn chosen. Move along here, there's nothing to see I've gone back to the original gift for said person, which is finished. Check number one.
Person B - cowl and maybe a hat from same yarn. Cowl done, hat, not so much cowl is still done, but in keeping with the rest of the Christmas knitting this year, I think the hat will now become mitts.
Person C - hat or some manly fingerless mitts. He could carry off fingerless mitts that are alas, not started finished! Blocked even. Check number two.
Person D - ?????? Fuck. Alpaca scarf. Done. Numero tres crossed off the list.
Person E - handspun mittens. One finished, one started but I had to spin some more yarn. And knit on tiny needles. Hmmmm...this is the TV knitting except that I am out of yarn and haven't soaked/thwacked the newest yarn, plied last night. Sigh. Finished, put check number 4 on the list.
Person F - hat and matching mittens. Done! Blocked even. Hooray! Check number five.
Person G - felted clogs. Not started. I've got yarn somewheres though. Might could go and dig it out while my new handspun is drying tonight... Still not started, nor have I gone stash diving for yarn.
Person H - Albatross. Which is done but not blocked. Blocked, but still pinned out on the guest bed. Which needs to be freed up by Monday when the first set of overseas guests arrives. Check number six.
Person I - mittens, which are done, but there's another project to go out with them in the mail that won't be done for a while Mittens have been repurposed for someone else, but the socks are almost half done.

So if I can count accurately (one can only hope) that means I have only two presents that haven't been cast on and one that is halfway done. That's actually pretty good, although I forgot to include Boo's hat on this list, but it's about halfway done too. I must needs cast on for one of the two remaining items tonight, but the situation is not too dire. At least not yet...but you never know when an emergency might strike!

And I promise, as soon as I'm able to pull my act together enough during the (too few) daylight hours, I'll take some teaser shots of everything that is done so far and actually put some pictures in one of these posts.