Non-striking postal service

A few weeks ago, I packed up some parcels and took them off to the post office to ship to the States.

HYFC swap packages

In spite of various and sundry postal issues, I now am the proud possesor of this pile of September HYFC fiber:

HYFC fiber swap

I don't know why I so fell in love with this stuff (pink, green and brown? Seriously?), but I did, and was desperate for more. By the time I got ahold of her, Adrian was cleaned out, so I posted on the HY forum swap thread looking for more. A flurry of Ravelry PMs later, I divested some Hive, Mollusc and Sour Fig (a borrowed picture from the HYFC flickr group), and ended up with twelve more ounces of Winter Storage (September Club fiber) and some lovely merino in Harmonia (the purpley-brown one).

HYFC fiber swap

I'm hoping to have enough to make myself a sweater out of the Winter Storage. Which will require some super fluffy woolen spinning to stretch out 20 oz to enough yardage to cover moi, size Large. But between this and the purple stuff, it's looking like January is going to be a happy sweater spinning month!

In other news: today I hit a new knitting milestone - I walked out the door wearing three handknit items: this, this and these. There was frost on the Combat Zone car, so more wool seemed like a good thing. Toto, I don't think we're in Houston anymore!