It's December 23rd, and my Christmas knitting is (almost) done

Behold. One pair of (unfelted, unsewn - that's todays project) Felted Clogs.

Christmas present the last 2009

This brings the list to:

Person A - done
Person B - done
Person C - done
Person D - done
Person E - done
Person F - done
Person G - done
Person H - done
Person I - still not done, but this one isn't due in the States until mid-January, so I've still got some breathing room there.

Now the only people left to knit for are my poor neglected daughters' heads. The Nemo hat is on the ribbing finally.

Nemo hat in progress

This is the last time I knit a hat for anyone in fingering weight yarn...

I can manage to do it, I've also got this lovely stuff for a hat for Devil.


It's pink, so the chances she'll actually wear it seem pretty decent.

How's your Christmas knitting going?