Fiber Friday: Cheating

Soooooo...I know I said I wasn't going to do any spinning until I was done with the Christmas knitting, and I wasn't, but my windfall at Stash last week got the better of me. Once I'd finished the next-to-last Christmas present, I broke down and started in on this:

Ashland bay merino top?

I've changed my mind about the composition of this top. There may still be merino in there, but I think there's also some silk - there are white bits scattered throughout that tend to not draft the same as the other fibers. Maybe it's tencel - it's clumping in a manner similar to Air - but in any case, the singles are turning out beautifully.


Slightly tweedy, with turquoise and royal blue and yellow and green and white. I'm spinning this on automatic - worsted inchworm draft, singles ~24 wpi. Brainless default spinning. There will be enough time for purposeful spinning next month...

And just to show that I'm not slacking on the last present issue:

Last Christmas present

One skein of Green Mountain Spinnery Double Twist, and some recycled red yarn left over from my Gathered Pullover. In progress, and halfway up the foot. Thank goodness these things are fast!