Last Friday, I was early to pick up Devil, so I stopped in to Stash to say hi to Ali. When I walked in the door, she looked at me, pointed to a large blue bag sitting on a chair, and said "Free fiber". That was all I needed. I walked out ten minutes later with this:

Stash stash

That's about 2 lbs of assorted fibers, most of them things I've never spun before. Diane was clearing out her stash, and had dropped off a bag full for anyone to take. I ended up with:

Ashland bay merino top?

Some lovely soft multicolored top, maybe Ashland Bay?

SIlk hankies

A pile of silk hankies dyed in green, teal and pink.

Lamb's wool/blue fox

60% Lamb's wool, 40% blue fox (!). Given our regular nocturnal visitor, this may have to become something for Ironman.

Merino/possum blend

A merino/possum (!) blend.

Spindlefrog sampler

The remnants of a Spindlefrog sampler. As far as I can tell, this contains some silk, some mohair, and some wooly stuff that might be cashmere or camel or angora or alpaca.

Wool/silk batts

Last but not least, a bagful of wool/silk batts in green and blue and white.