In addition to doing some knitting and spinning, I've been playing around with some design ideas for a while, and I just now emailed off a couple of proposals for The Sanguine Gryphon's Fall pattern line.

The inspiration for the pattern line is Steampunk (hurrah!), and I came up with a pair of mitts and a vest that I'll be working on. Even if they don't get accepted for TSG, I'll still work them up and publish them myself or through someone else.

The mitts were inspired by Tower Bridge here in London, which is a veritable Monstrosity of Victorian architecture.

Tower bridge

But it is pretty...the mitts look like this:

Tower Bridge Mitts

This pattern is even already written up and ready to go. Although now I'm thinking that an elbow length version might be nice, as well as a shorter, more manly wrist length version. We'll see...

The second pattern is for a women's vest with a deep V neck. The swatch looks like this:

Weskit swatch

This is knit in the same overdyed yarn I used for Manon, and I like the way the stitch pattern looks in a semi-solid. I'm torn between liking it better unstretched, as above, or stretched out.

Weskit swatch

I like the laciness of this, but am also drawn to the cushiness of the unstretched version. We'll see...all I've got beyond these swatches is a very poorly drawn sketch, and some scribbled notes. Maybe I'll get to working on it one of these days. I'll keep you posted on the proposals in any event.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog silence.