The search for the perfect buttons

So I've been wearing my new Tappan Zee around without buttons, but I was very interested in seeing how it looked actually done up the way it was supposed to be. This is a new sweater silhouette for me, and I wanted to confirm that, yes it is quite flattering, before I run out and knit 42 more top-down-yoke-sweaters-that-fasten-just-at-the-top.

After a long day at work (and an Ironman Friday at home, so he could be on Child Duty), I headed over to my semi-local sewing store and spent a while perusing the button collection. After several rounds through the displays (maybe, no, no, no, omg hell no, maybe, no, no, no), I stumbled across these babies.

TZ Buttons

TZ buttons

Dark blue/navy with iridescent green and purple stripes. Just perfect.

And the done-up verdict?

Finally finished
(please excuse the bad T shirt color and the streaky mirror)

Yeah, baby, yeah. Top-down yoke is good. Which one should I do next?