A deadline

It's that time of year when crafty spinning/knitting mothers the world over start to think about presents for their children's teachers. Actually, most have probably already taken care of this issue - it's just us procrastinating ones that are suddenly realizing that time is running out.

So my kids have 6 teachers between them - Devil has a main teacher (Mrs. A), a teaching assistant (Miss. B) and a reading teacher (Miss. M). Boo has two main teachers (Miss A and Miss B)(hunh...conservation of initals?) and then Miss I, who she spends the afternoons with and who also sometimes babysits for us. I'm looking for quick knits that won't bore me silly but that I can finish in the next 3.5 weeks. Add to this the fact that Mrs. A is preggers with her first wee one, so I need to do a baby present too.

Baby first: I considered a number of different sweater options before I realized that 1) I don't know what type of sprog she's popping out, and 2) I don't know what kind of colors she likes. So I'm taking the easy road out - it's Dragon time. I got some cotton/acrylic blend at the store yesterday and cast on last night.

Norberta II

My row gauge is seriously off, so I'm having to just figure out how many inches are needed between drecitons and work that number of rows. It took me all of "New Moon" to get this far three times. Good thing it's a horrible movie and I didn't really want to pay any attention.

So...for the teachers. I'm thinking Branching Out or something similar, particularly with some handspun. One of Boo's teachers actual knits, so I'm thinking she'd appreciate some handspun in her gift. I'm also drawn to Annis, from the new Knitty, which I might cast on in this, and see whom it seems to suit best. But I think the girls and I might be having a big dye party this week end to get some appropriate yarn for these babies.

So...the last day of school is July 7. That gives me just under four weeks. Ready, set, go!