FF: Six. Freakin'. Months.

Well, that was fun.

Finally done!

Started with 2 lbs of fiber.
Spun the singles at 7.5:1, semi-longdraw from the fold.
Stage 1 Plying, at 12:1
Stage 2 Plying, also at 12:1.
Final numbers: 8 big skeins and one mini-skein of 4-ply cabled yarn. Total yardage: 1745 yds/1.83 lbs (29.3 oz) of finished yarn. Holy shit, that's almost four miles of singles. Dooooooode!

I cannot believe how long this took to do. Granted, I had a few other big projects in there (the Knitting Olympics springs to mind), and I got so sick of those singles that it was hard to keep making progress on them. But I wanted to get all the singles spun up at once, so I could then ply the first bobbin with the last, the second with the second-to-last, and so on. In hopes of evening out any, ehem, alterations in the spinning.

Finally done!

And after all that sampling I did, my grist was all over the place. Here's the list:

Skein 1: 970 ypp
Skein 2: 984 ypp
SKein 3: 955 ypp
Skein 4: 875 ypp
Skein 5: 982 ypp
Skein 6: 1001 ypp
Skein 7: 842 ypp ***The Winner!***
Skein 8: 911 ypp
Mini-skein 9: 1984 ypp

The goal, as you probably don't recall, was 840 ypp. I'm not sure why it didn't come out closer, but maybe I didn't finish (full) the final yarns enough to get them to plump up? I may try pulling out the skeins that are pretty close (1-5 and 8, about 1200 yds) and try a swatch with those to see how it looks. The other alternatives are 1) running things back through the wheel to add more plying twist and finishing again or 2) just trying to full those lighter skeins a bit more and see if they plump up.

In any event, I am breathing a huge sigh of relief and accomplishment. Sheeit, that was a lot of purple fiber. Worst case scenario: I knit the sweater, it comes out too small, and I give it to my Mom, who has made appreciative noises over both the fiber and the pattern.