FF: Speedy, speedy spinning

I have discovered instant gratification in spinning form: this,

Natural dyed pencil roving

to this.

Artisan Threads pencil roving

Artisan Threads pencil roving, purchased 10-11th September, spun 10-14th September, on Golding Spindle (green) and Lendrum (white).

Finished yarn: 110 yds/2.3 oz green, 152 yds/2.4 oz white, both about 14 wpi.

It is amazing how much faster spinning goes when you don't have to draft. I started the green roving last Friday night, and liked it so much that I went back to the booth the next day and got some of the undyed. I spun the green stuff on my Golding spindle, and it was so easy! Start spindle, let twist into roving, wind on, repeat. The green roving had a bit of lanolin left, so it was a bit greasy on the hands. Some of that came out when I washed it, but there's still a bit left.

The white I decided to try on the wheel, and it was even faster then on the spindle (not surprisingly!). I "spun" the whole 2.4 oz of singles and plied the big skein in one evening. So much fun! Of course, as I was spinning I was desperately trying to come up with a project for these little bits and bobs. I think maybe the Northman Mittens, with a bit of the cashmere "waste" spun up for the lining yarn. A good chance to practice my new Fair Isle technique and get a christmas present out of the way.