11 in 2011 update

I've checked a few things off my list of goals for the year, so I thought I'd give you the progress.

1. Eleven pairs of socks - two months, two pairs of socks from my stash. On track. Yippee!
2. Eleven sweaters, including:
* 3. Pas de Valse
* 4. Handspun Vine Yoke Cardigan
* 5. Rollneck sweater for Devil - done!
* 6. The River Run Pullover, for which I will also spin the yarn - yarn spun, dyed and sweater started.
7. Spin more during the 2011 Tour de Fleece then I did in 2010 (39.4 oz)
8. Get my first full fleece (figuring out what to do with it is 2012's project)
9. Design a shawl
10. Submit a design to Knitty - well, I submitted a design for a kid's top to Knitty for their spring/summer issue, and was very kindly directed elsewhere. So I've done that one, but I probably should have left the target publication a bit more open. In any event, I've also submitted a design to Knitcircus for their fall issue. And I've got another one in the works for a winter coat thing.
11. Design a spinning/knitting project for Ennea Collective.

Strangely enough, there is very little spinning ongoing at the moment - small puppy plus things that spin/dangle string equals frustration all around. So goals 7, 8 and 11 are on hold for a bit. I'm hoping that he figures out that he can't actually chase everything that catches his eye before July though!