There has been spinning

But only a very little bit.

Finished before the half-term holiday:
Mom's All Spun Up Falklands. This little hank (~50 yds) was left over from my failed attempt to get the whole 4 oz on to one bobbin while I was plying. It's nice and squooshy and fluffy. I love how the browns and greens and bit of blue in the fiber blended together in the finished yarn. Now must find some itty bitty project for this.

Last week, I was feeling spin-deprived, so I pulled out this and whipped it up in a couple of nights.
Hello Yarn Fiber Club, superwash merino in "Curiosities". It's been a long time since I spun anything but friggin' Falklands wool, so it took me a little while to get used to the slipperiness of the superwash. It was so slippery! I also noticed this time around that it felt a bit plasticky while I was spinning it - none of that remained in the finished yarn, but it was just an observation.

Spun/plied at 9:1/6.5:1. Finished with a soak in warm water and wool wash, then thwacked and hung to dry.
I ended up with 200 yds from the 4 oz, at ~8 wpi. As you can see, not the most even spin I've ever done. I found it hard to control the superwash slipperiness, and it took a long time to get comfortable with it. I was planning on a baby surprise jacket for a friend, but since the yarn came out pretty bulky, I'm going to have to reconsider that plan. A hat maybe? A cushy cowl? Hmmm....