Back in Space City and a commission

A week and a half ago I got to resume (for one brief evening) my Thursday knit night. We went back to Houston for a week long holiday*, and I got to visit with the girls over beef and vino. It was a lovely evening, only bringing back to me how much I miss the people in Houston** - there was much good conversation. And good steak. And wine... And then there was some yarn.

I did take orders before I left London, but only one of them took me up on it. I brought this:

Some lovely green Wollmeise in Pesto and an incredibly soft skein of orange alpaca-wool goodness. In return, she gave me this:


and said, in a tone that brooked no argument, "You need to design something with the StR. Because I have another skein in the same color and I want to make something out of it."

Ummm...yes ma'am! *salutes*

Over the course of the evening, we came up with a plan for the yarn that goes something like this:

  • a long scarf thing, not a triangular shawl
  • some lace is good
  • but no more then a couple of charts please
  • we'll all wear them to Rhinebeck next year

Because Rhinebeck (aka the NY Sheep and Wool Orgy Festival had been the previous weekend. None of us went. None of us have ever gone. It seems like a good thing to do. And if we make plans this far in advance, it's a bit more likely it might even happen.

So...October 2012...we'll be reuniting in upper New York state to ogle the foliage, eat some appropriate fair food, fondle some wool and generally have a weekend to ourselves. Anyone else in?

* Just long enough for everyone to get adjusted to the time only to turn around and come back!
** Houston itself? Not so much...