This week's to-do list

1) Order approximately 10 lbs of undyed fiber
2) Hit up a wine supply place for citric acid
3) File with Her Majesty's Customs and Revenue Service so I don't get in trouble with the po-po
4) Harass my property manager into fixing the electricity in the part of the house where I plan to do this silly dyeing thing
5) Release a pattern (dependent on a) my brother having received the darn thing and b) my getting some photos of him doing his best ANTM imitation).

However, before I get too overwhelmed by that list, I can pat myself on the back for having knit a hat today. Out of this lovely yarn, which is a potential colorway for the store.

Candy Cane yarn

Candy Cane yarn, appropriate for the upcoming holiday season I think. The very cute hat (for Boo, but it fits me too!) is currently blocking, so I'll try to get an FO picture later this week.

We have managed to return from our half-term trip to Houston where we roasted in ludicrous October weather, saw lots of good friends, ate some really exquisite steak, and scored some yarny goodies, in both knitted and unknitted forms. Well, technically I scored the yarny goodies, cause the rest of the family isn't so keen on the yarn stuff. Philistines...