End of the photo drought

Last week I was not so much on top of the pictures. So, today I've got a bunch of pictures for you. Sadly, only one is of yarn, and none are of knitting. I'm hoping the cute pix of the wee furball make up for it...and I can assuage any angry feelings by promising pictures of 1) a new pattern and 2) handspun neck-wear in the near future.

First up: the yarn
Night Gathers
All balled up and ready to go. I have cast on and knit about 8 inches of Lady Stark's Clapotis, but it is slow going. I'm loving the color changes, and am glad I didn't decide to knit something else with a singles yarn. I.e. something that might actually need to hold up under the strain of actually wearing it (yarn is getting fuzzy in the ball...hmm).

Next up: a miraculous transformation from Shag-alier...
...to Svelte-alier.
Himself is grieving over the loss of the leg feathers, and I kind of miss the snowshoe hare tufty feet, but as the main caretaker/brusher/general slave for the Wee Ridiculous Dog, I am not sorry to miss picking random crap out of his coat for the next few months. Not that it won't happen, it (hopefully) just won't be as bad. That's my theory at least.

I am however somewhat disturbed by the subtle signs that my dog might be a Cylon...