Random bits and pieces

Random bit #1: Having finished the sweater that would not end, and weaving in all the damn ends (!), I am now having a really tough time finding the will to photograph it on Himself. This is unfortunate, because I would like to show you pretty pictures and bask in the glow of having it really, totally, finally finished.

Random bit #2: This has not stopped me from suffering the acute pangs of sweater start-itis. In the last two days I have spent far too much time online looking at patterns and yarns and poking around in my Ravelry stash to see what might work, not to mention getting out the Vine Yoke Cardi yarn and my Timber sweaterlot and fondling them longingly. This trend is not helped by the fact that it is a) raining (again FFS!) and b) 10 degrees out. In mid-May. Thank you, London.

Random bit #3: My swearing I was never going to knit a fingering weight Fair Isle sweater again, ever, has been sorely tested by my discovery of Kate Davies' designs and blog. Actually, I'm currently coveting a sheepy blanket knit in nine natural shades of Shetland. And maybe a matching hat. Would this not be the perfect thing to cuddle under next winter while I'm knitting and watching TV? Le sigh...this might have to be a birthday present this year. Look, there's even a kit!

I have also been enjoying Kate's blogging about textile history and recovering from/living with stroke (she had a stroke two years ago at age 36). And her pictures of everything (flowers, knitting, steeks, yarn, Scotland, her dog) are absolutely extraordinary.

Random bit #4: my grand plans for knitting design domination are going to be complicated not only by the fact that, as Aquaphilic pointed out in the comments, I've only got 7 months to finish them off (and really only 6 months if you count that I want to get the hat collection out in November), but by the sad fact that we are going to be moving at the end of July. Not out of London, just out of the lovely (huge!) house we've been in since we got here. It's been coming for a while, but is now definite. And next week, I get to spend a couple of days with an estate agent looking at new possible homesteads.

Oh joy.

Random bit #5: I am a lucky little shite, because when I checked last night at 8:30, there were 5 spots left for P3. 40 minutes later? All gone. Thankfully,
P3 proof
I am going to Wales in October to hang out with Brenda. And Amy. And a whole host of other people. So. Excited!