On Wednesday, I spent most of the morning waiting for the dishwasher repair man - the extremely helpful time slot they gave me was 7:00 am - 3:00 pm. Once he arrived, deduced the fact that the motor on the dishwasher is broken, and managed to rebook an appointment to fix it for a week and a half from now (making it three weeks I will have been washing dishes by hand - grrrr....), I had pretty much written off the rest of the day as a complete loss.

Royal Mail to the rescue! (And belive me, those are not words that I every thought I'd say!) Not 5 minutes after he left, the doorbell rang - there were two big squooshy packages for me.
Package number 1:
The Wool Gathering
What's inside?
White Suffolk
Some undyed fiber from The Wool Gathering: 100 grams of lovely, soft, white Suffolk.
And a kilo of Romney - I have been searching for UK-sourced Romney for months, and am so thrilled to have finally found some! I love the bags the fiber is packed in too: I think I will be ordering from them again, maybe some of their British alpaca...

Package number 2: I must first preface this by saying that I always miss Adrian's updates. But on two occasions now, I've gotten lucky and happened to be over at her site when there were Fiber Club extras on sale. A couple weeks ago I fell off the metaphorical wagon in a major way, and ended up with this arriving at my door.
HYFC goodies
The September fiber club, Critter on Falkland (yum!),
And another 1.5 lb of fiber: 3 bags of Splendid Romney and 3 bags of Silt Portuguese Merino.
Fiber clubs extras
Silt Portuguese Merino
Splendid Romney
Swoon-tastic. Now my dilemma is how to combine them. I was originally going to spin up the Splendid by itself and knit myself another Romney sweater, but looking at the two of them together makes me think that maybe they want to make little yarn babies?
Splendid Silt
Splendid Silt
The other possibility is pairing Silt with my two bags of Minerals Shetland (and who knows what else might jump into the mix? There's a lot of Hello Yarn-dyed fiber in my attic....) and knitting a swoopy wrappy cardigan type thing. Or a Larch like Caro's. Or a Spoked Cardigan like Rose's. So many sweaters, so little time...guess I'd better start spinning!

Sadly, sweater-lot spinning will have to wait until after this weekend, because by the time this posts, I will be happily ensconced BY MYSELF on a train on my way to West Wales for Plug-and-Play Pembrokeshire, round deux. Expect much yarn/swatch/knitters-being-wacky evidence next week. Cheers!