Whisper cardigan progress

This is what one hank of Malabrigo lace gets you if you are knitting the medium size of the Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.
Whisper in progress
The entire back, the ribbing, a bit of each of two sleeves and about 4 inches of the body. Not too shabby. I've got an entire hank to go, so I should be able to make this as long as I want and still have enough for the sleeves.
Whisper in progress
I'm going back and forth on the yarn though - it's knitting up into a lovely fabric, but it felts together if you look at it funny. Or don't look at it and just leave it sitting around for a couple of days. Folks, this stuff felts if air gets on it. Initially I was extremely unenthused by this state of affairs - who wants a sweater that's felted and worn looking before it's even finished? - but it does produce a really lovely halo on the yarn, and fills in the gaps in the stitches caused by knitting laceweight on 4.5 mm needles. I think you can see that in the photo - the section on the top of the picture is slightly felted, while the bottom part is "new", and therefore less felted.

So...I'd say the jury is still out (I certainly wouldn't knit anything for someone that would ever get used with this yarn) (or give it to someone who didn't understand the Finer Intricacies of Handwashing Your Woolens), but I'm thinking it will be ok in a cozy, lightweight layer of a sweater for me. Stay tuned...