FF: Sweater lot

I've been working on a big spinning project off and on for the last couple of weeks. It's my second Hello Yarn Fiber Club combo spin - Silt Portugeuse Merino and Parritch Targhee.
Silt Portuguese Merino
I split the first 8 oz of Silt into 18 pieces (each 4 oz into 3 chunks, then each chunk lengthwise into 3 bits), and finished spinning it up on Wednesday.
Silt Portugeuse Merino
I've become more scornful of merino in recent months, but this stuff has a nice wooly feel and grippiness (is that a word? You know what I mean...) that feels very un-merino-like. I suspect it's not going to wear terribly well, since the staple length is still pretty short, but I'm trying to spin the singles with enough twist that the pill factor isn't too horrible. I'll ply on the looser side to keep it from getting too dense. At least that's the plan - we'll see how it actually works out!

The second 8 oz is ready to go. Then on to the Targhee!