Who knew dish towels could be so much fun?

So, since there isn't already enough going on in my world, I joined the Spunky Eclectic Weaving club this summer. I received my first package in August, and a couple of weeks ago, I figured that since October's parcel had been shipped, it was probably time to get August on and off the loom ASAP.
Dish towels
Yarn: Louet Cottolin, 60% cotton/40% linen in a dark and a light blue (Wind color combo)
Reed: 12 dent heddle
Warp: with alternating stripes of color, 180 ends of each color (double warped, i.e. with two strands through each slot and each eye)
Weft: either light or dark blue, held doubled
Dish towel
I ended up with a larger towel and a smaller towel, as I ran out of warp - next time I'll add a bit extra. New weaving moments in this project: warping with two colors, weaving with anything other then wool, and hem stitching!
I think I now love hemstitching with a deep and abiding passion, and I shall hemstitch everything from now on. Now that this is off the loom, I've maintained a bit of momentum and warped up the October weaving club.
Spunky Eclectic October weaving club
I warped with the white and am using the color fade for the weft.
SE October Weaving Club
So far, so good...