The Atlantic ate my brain

That's my only explanation for why I have had to knit the set up row on Dev's sweater five times. Five times people. All because I seem to be incapable of counting to 10. The first couple of times, I'll admit, I had been on a plane for six hours knitting the entire time, so it's not that hard to imagine that my mental capacities were a bit diminished. But still...

I finally solved the problem by putting in stitch markers for every repeat and snapping at people not to bother me because I'M COUNTING! And voila, four rows into the chart and all seems to be going well.

I did manage to knit 85% of a cowl on the plane (thanks to The Hunger Games and Avengers Assemble). Now it needs the ends woven in and a good blocking.

Since I'm posting from my phone, I don't know where the photos will end up. I'll replace with better once I get to a computer. Hope everyone's holiday crafting is proceeding according to plan!