The state of the holiday knitting

When last I updated you, this was the state of my Christmas crafting list:

  • One hat (already done) - still the case, but I've realized that I need to make the lining a bit longer, so that needs to happen.
  • One scarf (weaving) - probably 6 inches from being done. This needs to happen tonight.
  • A set of felted clogs (which will be delivered unfelted) - I pulled the yarn out of the attic, but this is plane/post-Christmas knitting (since they won't be delivered until later)
  • Another cowl (already done) - I'm re-thinking this one, and I think I won't be gifting this particular cowl.
  • Two kid-sized sweaters - One done and blocked (albeit with 3/4 length sleeves due to yarn shortage), second is done down to the underarms and I've designed/charted the stitch pattern for the hem. Hopefully to be done with the knitting before we get underway, but I'm not holding out for blocking.
  • A Color Affection (done) - still done, and I'm hoping the gloves will be done to go with it by the post-Christmas events.

However, more things have been added to the list:

  • A hat for Himself - after seeing the Copenhagen Hat, he decided it was pretty nice, and he'd like one, only less gnome-like. This hat is done, but only because I ripped out and reknit the sample hat to his more close-fitting specifications. It's blocked and waiting for a tassel, which I might hold off on until he tries it on, in case there need to be more modifications done.
  • Spindles for the girls - I have the whorls, but now they need shafts and hooks (and balancing!). I was going to sew up little bags for them, but given the time crunch, I may just go to Devil's Favorite Store TM and get a couple of spindle-sized bags for them. I've already got piles of scraps from dyeing for them to play with...
  • The Royal Alpaca cowl has been cast on, and is going to be the main airplane knitting - totally mindless and straightforward. Should be done by the time we land.

I keep catching myself thinking "Oh, maybe I could just cast on that and finish it off quickly..." but it's totally insane to even contemplate such a thing. Unless I'm also planning on giving up sleeping between now and Christmas. Not. Bloody. Likely.