2012 in wooly goodness

Looking back, it's been quite the productive year...

The knitting/crocheting:
2012 Knitting Mosaic
6 sweaters, 2 toys, 9 items of neckwear (shawl, scarf, cowl), two pairs of mitts, two blankets, one (!) pair of socks, 3 potholders, 10 hats and 2 pairs of felted clogs. This would explain why my handknit sock well is running dry...

The weaving:
2012 Weaving mosaic
7 scarves (the last of which I managed to giveaway before I took a finished picture - help JoAnna!), and 2 dishtowels. 4 of the scarves were given away.

The spinning:
2012 Spinning Mosaic
I think it ends up being 30 skeins total. At least that's what I find going through my flickr photostream. I know there's at least one or two others that haven't been photographed, but we'll call it an even 30. I'm too lazy to go back and figure out yardages though, so you'll have to make up your own numbers.

So what does this tell me? A couple of very important things...number 1: it is perhaps conceivable that I spend far too much of my time knitting/spinning/weaving. Number 2: I need to add socks to the 2013 to-do list. Or learn how to darn. Anyone got any good darning egg recommendations?