Spin, spin, spin like a tornado...

Since returning from our travels abroad, my knitting has fallen by the wayside. This week has been all about the spinning - I think I've spent at least an hour spinning every single day since we got back. Bliss! Here's what I've accomplished:
16 oz of Silt, 4 oz of Minerals
No, not all of that was done this week. The bobbin on the right was done a while ago, but I finished filling up the bobbin on the left (8 oz of Portuguese Merino in "Silt" from Hello Yarn) and spun up the last bag of Minerals Shetland (also from Hello Yarn) for my massive shawl/blanket KAL. I've very pleased, because now I've finished all the Silt and can start on the squoosh-tastic Targhee in "Parritch" that is A) also from Hello Yarn (I'm sensing a theme here...) and B) the third ply in my 3-ply sweater lot combo spin. Last night I prepped the fiber,
Parritch Targhee
and started the last bobbin.
Parritch Targhee
I can not wait to have this yarn finished and ready to cast on. Given the nature of both merino and Targhee, I suspect this 3-ply is going to come in on the bulkier side of worsted weight, so I'm going to use a big-ish needle to get some good drape. I predict this is going to be the Coziest. Sweater. Ever.

Right, that's it: there is spinning waiting for me. Along with a new goodie that nobody got me for Christmas so I got it for myself...hooray!
New book!