Barter Economy

I have been working on a sweater for someone I've never met. That is to say, never met in person. We've corresponded over email, but the first time we meet in real life will be when I hand this over to her. Isn't barter great?
Magpie sweater
The recipient of this sweater is an illustrator who's been working on a logo for an event I'm organizing with Alli. But since we, as a pair, aren't able to pony up the big bucks that such a logo would require, we proposed a barter exchange: specifically, she do up a logo and we knit her a handspun, custom fit sweater.
Magpie sweater (2)
This baby is 70% Shetland/30% tussah silk, in the Magpie colorway from my shop. I spun up approximately 460 yds of bulky 2-ply over the course of a couple of days (love spinning bulky!!!) and started knitting over the weekend. One skein (225 yds) got me through the entire yoke and through the waist shaping decreases.
Magpie sweater (1)
Think about that for a minute. 225 yards. Only. Ehem...(ponders wisdom of trying to cloth size 16 self in bulky sweaters from now until the end of time) (decides that, at least in my own personal instance, DK-weight or lighter is still the way to go) (weeps for lost yardage...)
Magpie sweater (3)
The other cool thing is that this baby is knitting up before my very eyes. I was hoping to finish the body last night and get started on the sleeves, but 1) one child on half-term holiday and bored out of her skull because of 2) one child out of school with tonsillitis means that not much knitting has gotten done for the last few days. But child #1 is currently engrossed in the iPad, and child #2 is snoring on the couch, so as soon as I hit the Publish button, I'm settling down for some quality time with my handspun. And that, my friends, is bliss...