I'm thinking we have a wee bit of a problem here...

This is a knitting blog, right?

Okay, maybe a knitting and spinning blog, for the most part. Sure there's been a diversion or two here and there, but my crafting impulses have largely been consistent over the past almost-six years that I've been mucking about with this blogging thing. So surely what's going on in my world these days is a phase, right? Just like Devil's rolling her eyes so far back in her head that she must be staring at her optical cortex*... I'm not sure there's any other way to explain my sudden, inexplicable obsession with yarn projects of the hooked variety (beyond the fact that I am very entertained that (as a southpaw) I knit right handed, but can only crochet left handed...)
Behold, three African Flower Mandela potholders for the Ravelry 2013 Potholder Swap. They changed the rules this year to require only 3 potholders (instead of the six that I think they required in the past). And I, fresh off of (as-yet-not-completely-blogged) baby blanket success, pulled out my little bits of Tahki Cotton classic and other cotton bits and blindly combined colors as they came.
I do wish I'd had a bit of green to throw in there, but what can you do?** Fronts done in Tahki Cotton Classic, backs done in Patons UK 100% Cotton DK, size G/4.0 mm hook. Done in about four days.
Potholders reversed!
I love the flower in the middle. Just love it.
African Flower
And now that these babies are finished and about to be packed off to the States, I can start the next crochet project, for my newly arrived (as of Valentine's Day) nephew.
Mini-walrus for Wee H
Because what baby doesn't need an amigurumi walrus to cuddle and drool on?

* Please, please, please don't burst my bubble on this one. I know it's not a phase, it's the next at least eight years of my life, but I'm in denial.
** Answer to rhetorical question: start stashing vast quantities of mercerized cotton, of course.