I realized this morning that I'm basically knitting the same thing twice - the Summertime Tunic (top-down version) for me, and Devil's sock yarn skirt. Both simple tubes of endless stockinette (but soothing!), and in both cases I'm planning on dressing up the bottom edge with a simple lace pattern. I'm getting close to the lace stage on both of them, so I've been pouring over pattern books and the few stitch dictionaries I have for the past couple of nights trying to find some ideas.

Top-down ST

I've found something that I think I like for the TDST (top-down Summertime Tunic) - it's basically a rib pattern with a bunch of yarn overs and a k3tog thrown in for good measure.

top-down ST bottom edging

Interweave subscription card for contrast

So far it seems to be working out ok. I was thinking about increasing to allow a little extra hip room, but with this stretchy rib I don't think I'm going to need it.

Devil's skirt

Devil's skirt made great progress today (2x1+ hour bus rides, but 1 hr SnB at lunchtime made for several inches of striping). I didn't expect the stripes on this to be so wide - imagine how wide they'd be on half the stitches in a sock! - but I am going to have enough yarn, which was a small worry in the back of my mind.

Devil's skirt
Picot edging on top hem

I have a couple of candidates for a bottom border to mull over and decide on - she goes back and forth between "I want leaves Mama!" to "Just some pattern is ok". Tough audience! I'm hoping that both of these will join the FO parade in the next week or so, but we all know that predictions like that have a way of blowing up on me. But since I'm not knitting socks at the moment, something else has got to get done, right?