FO: Crazy pink double knit socks

I've posted about the process of knitting these socks already here, but I'm happy to say I've finally finished them.

Dev's new socks

The poor things were going back and forth from London Bridge on a daily basis with no toes for several weeks before the Olympics started, and when I finally accepted defeat, I whipped out a couple of toes in time to finish them for February's sock of the month. Here's the specs:

Pattern: plain stockinette socks with 1x1 ribbing at the cuff, both knit at the same time one inside the other, as directed by Kory Stamper.
Yarn: Random bits and pieces from the Sock Yarn Blanket
Needles: US 1/2.25 mm circular
Start/finish: 28/12/09-26/2/10 - almost two months. For a pair of kid's socks. Yee gawds...must have been more then several weeks delay there.
Gauge: ~8 sts/inch.
Comments: I knit the cuffs individually before loading them all on one needle with alternating stitches. Devil had picked out four wee pink balls of yarn she wanted to use, so I split each one in half by weight, and used two for the leg and two for the foot. Details of knitting the heels are in my previous post, and by the time I got to the toes, I was ready to be done.

Getting the socks apart was a bit like watching a snake molt. First I got all the stitches separated onto two needles.

Socks separated

Then they were pulled apart.

Sock barfing I

Almost there,

Sock barfing II

Ta da!


Then the toes and weaving in of ends. New socks for Devil!

PS - Tomorrow is Steek Day!